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Psychologists Induce After-Death Communication

Christianity and Spiritual Growth

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Resources for Spiritual Growth

The resources that follow will help give you greater
understanding of the facts about our eternal selves.

Experiencing the Soul
DVD and book. For a World We Choose Foundation. 13-3564 Moku St. Pahoa, HI 96778. http://www.fawwcf.org.

A wonderful video and book. I recommend that you watch the video to experience 18 of the world's foremost spiritual leaders, teachers, and researchers talking about life and death.

Hello from Heaven
Book. Bantam, March 3, 1997.
Web site: http://after-death.com

Bill and Judy Guggenheim gathered accounts from thousands of people about their after-death communications. Included in the book are more than 350 first-hand accounts of those whose lives have been changed and even protected by messages or signs from the deceased.

In Another Life: Reincarnation in America
Web site: http://www.ial.goldthread.com/

A full-length documentary on reincarnation featuring top researchers and personal accounts of people who have had reincarnation related experiences, or memories of past lives, carefully selected for authenticity

Children's Past Lives

Carol Bowman is a past-life regression therapist who presents some fascinating cases of childrens' past lives. Two cases are online for you to read: Case 1   Case 2

An Angel Saved My Life

By Jacky Newcomb, describing actual stories of communication with angels and guidance from loved ones in the Afterlife. It includes real-life amazing rescues, dream visitations, and near death experiences. (Harper Element 2006)

Angel by My Side: Amazing True Stories of the Afterlife

By Jacky Newcomb, describing true stories of communication with those in the afterlife. The book includes real-life amazing rescues, mysterious dream visitations, near death experiences and miraculous recoveries. (Harper Element 2006)

An Angel Held My Hand: Inspiring True Stories of the Afterlife

By Jacky Newcomb, describing real cases of people who received help from those in the afterlife when they most needed it. (Harper Element 2007)

Angels Watching Over Me: An Extraordinary Investigation into Experiences of Afterlife Communication

By Jacky Newcomb, describing more cases of people from the afterlife communicating with their loved ones still on the Earth plane. (Hay House 2007)

Induced After-Death Communication: A New Therapy for Healing Grief an Trauma
Book. Hampton Roads, 1995.
Web site: http://induced-adc.com

Co-authored by Craig Hogan, author of this Web site, and Allan Botkin, Psy.D. It describes the after-death communications Dr. Botkin and three dozen other therapists are helping patients have in their offices. The book includes 84 accounts.

A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife
Book. Available from Victor Zammit's Web site at http://victorzammit.com.

Victor presents detailed evidence from a variety of sources demonstrating the reality of the afterlife.
Leslie Flint Seance Recordings

The great medium, Leslie Flint, held seances in which people from the next plane of life spoke audibly. The voices were recorded and hundreds of the recordings exist today. They are uplifting and enthralling. If you have difficulty believing such voices could be real, begin by reading the evidence for their reality at http://adcguides.com/validity.com.

Reunions in the Afterlife

Five deceased people's accounts of the reunions they had when they crossed over are presented at this link. They are heartwarming and fascinating insights into what happens in the period after death.

An Eloquent Deceased Actress Describes Life and the Afterlife

I enthusiastically recommend that you listen to the description of the afterlife given in a seance in 1965 by Dame Ellen Alicia Terry, the Shakespearean actress who died in 1928. It explains what the afterlife is and encourages us to look forward to it as the most wonderful part of our eternal lives. She explains the condition people find themselves in and the fact that there is no hell, only each person's assessment of his life.

A Woman's Deceased Loved One Speaks at a David Thompson Seance

A woman from England named Sarah was invited to visit David Thompson's Circle of the Silver Cord in early February 2007. Sarah realized that it was the spirit of the love of her life who had passed away five months earlier, in August, 2006. Nick and Sarah spoke for a few minutes and he caressed her face between his hands. The audio and transcript of their loving communication are available for you to listen to and read.

Forever Ours: A Forensic Pathologist's Perspective on Immortality and Living - A Collection of Real-Life Stories
Book: Janis Amatuzio. New World Library, 2007.

Dr. Amatuzio shares a number of the stories that took her understanding of life and death beyond the scientific.

Janne "Beyond Life"

This free online and Acrobat book is about a young girl killed in an accident who communicated often with her parents. It is uplifting and full of clear evidence she was coming through to them.





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