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The Death Penalty:
Murder by Law


Those who speak from the other side about the death penalty call it “murder by law.” The speakers have included judges who pronounced death sentences and a hangman. They are unanimous in their condemnation of murder by law because of the devastating effect on the person murdered, the effects on the grief-stricken family of the person murdered, and the effect on a society that sanctions such a heinous act. They explain that the murder for which someone is being punished is most often done in the heat of the moment or by someone who is unable to evaluate the gravity of the act. A murderer is not mentally whole for a variety of reasons, either temporary or as a chronic condition. Murder by law, on the other hand, is cold and calculated. The person executed is killed at a set time by a cold decision made by other human beings. When these people transition into the next plane of life, they are in a terrible state and require much time and attention to recover. That makes murder by law a spiritual issue. At the same time, the family of the person murdered by law is grief stricken that their loved one is being put to death. And the society that murders people by law has the vestiges of a brutal society that is capable of killing its own people. It demonstrates a retarded spiritual growth in a society that cannot forgive and can inflict such psychological and emotional torture on people, regardless of their crime. Murder by law is a spiritual problem. It can only be solved by eradicating it from humankind.





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