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Chapter 1
Where Are You?

David's Brain Was Gone, but His Mind Said Good Bye Lucidly

"The cerebral machine that talked and wondered, winked and sang, the machine that remembered jokes and birthdays and where the big fish hid on hot days, was nearly gone, replaced by lumps of haphazardly growing gray stuff." David's brain tissue had been replaced by cancer. The brain was gone; no neurons could have thought and communicated. But in the last moments, after cancer had eaten away his brain, he awoke from a death coma and spoke lucidly and lovingly to his family for five minutes, then closed his eyes and within an hour, died. More . . .

Meditation Music

Meditation music used in the guided meditations and freely available for download or to listen to online are available. More . . .

Why Do Some Materialists' Arguments Seem Valid?

The real difference between the materialists and us who are examining all the facts is in our willingness to let truth be found wherever the entire record of facts takes us. We aren't proselytizing to a belief system the way the religions and materialists are. We aren't starting with conclusions and then accepting only the facts that fit those conclusions. It's that openness to all facts and desire to include them all in the most parsimonious conclusion that distinguishes us from the materialists, not the conclusions to which we come. More . . .

Guided Meditation

Experience the depth of life memories you have stored in your mind by going through a meditation narrated by Craig Hogan. You'll take a tour of a place in which you grew up. More . . .

Chapter with Color Photographs of the Author's Remote Viewing Sessions

You can see Chapter 1 of the book with color photographs of the Author's remote viewing sessions inserted where references are made to them at this link:

Chapter 1 text with color photographs

Further Evidence Memory Is Outside the Brain: Memory Has No Ceiling

One of the convincing facts that suggests the memory is outside the brain is that there seems to be no ceiling on the amount of memory someone has access to. Unusually gifted people display almost unlimited memory, a feat that should be impossible with the limitations on memory in the brain. Brad Williams is an example. He can recall minute details from his entire lifetime. More . . .

Remote Viewing

Link to the author's remote viewing sessions, sessions by acknowledged masters, remote viewing resources, and a remote viewing test. More . . .

Research About Where You Are

Additional research about where your mind is. It includes studies of telepathy by Rupert Sheldrake

More . . .

List of Child Prodigies

Go to this link to see a list of child prodigies on Wikipedia
List of child prodiges . . .

A 5-Year Old Girl Is Spontaneously Able to Play the Piano

A girl in South Korea began playing the piano at age 3, although her parents had no musical background. At age 5, she plays symphonies and is able to play music after hearing it once. But she has been blind since birth and was never taught how to play or the location of the piano keys. The only explanation is that she is receiving the knowledge and inspiration from outside of her physical body.



A 2-year Old, Now 6, Started Playing Scales Spontaneously

Emily Bear began playing the piano spontaneously at 2. She composes her own music. "She is speaking directly from inside of her," one of her piano teachers said. Emily said, "I like Mozart because he's like me and I'm like him." We know her talent comes from inspiration from those in the greater reality.




Nancy Webber, Psychic Detective

Psychic detective Nancy Webber gives detailed information about a murderer. The brain and body don't have access to this information. The mind, that is completely outside of the body and brain, learns the knowledge.



The Blind Can See During Near-Death Experiences

Kenneth Ring and Sharon Cooper (1997) conducted a study of 31 blind people, many of who reported vision during their NDEs. 21 of these people had an NDE while the remaining 10 had had an out-of-body experience (OBE), but no NDE. It was found that in the NDE sample, about half had been blind from birth.

In this video, a woman blind blind from birth describes seeing during her NDE. Visual experiences do not involve the brain.



A Woman's Encounter with God During a Near-Death Experience

Catherine, who "died" during a cardiac arrest after coming to the hospital to die from Hodgkins disease. She had a near-death experience during a cardiac arres. She met God, who told her she must return. She did, and recalled everything. Her Hodgkins disease disappeared and she now leads a healthy life.



Akiane: Child Prodigy Artist and Poet

Akiane began painting at the age of 4 and sold her first painting for $10,000 at age 7. She had a vision at 4 that went on for days and weeks. She saw a face that came to her constantly. She had been raised in an atheist family, but brought them all to spirituality. She says that God is her teacher. "I want my art to draw people's attention to God."



Dr. Richard Ireland Demonstrations

Dr. Richard Ireland provided highly specific psychic messages to approximately 50 people in an audience of 100. No one in the audience was a plant. His abilities were never found to be trickery or fraud. There is also evidence that Ireland was personal friends with former president Dwight D. Eisenhower and wife, Mamie Eisenhower.

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